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What is Desktop Design?

Desktop design is about making sure the end user - your employee - has a smooth experience using their desktop and devices. This can be accomplished through virtual desktop or other desktop design solutions that support productivity.


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Desktop design services help your company stay productive


PCR’s desktop design services include:

Sensible Desktops

We’ll review your current desktop and recommend practical changes to improve the user experience.

VDI Solutions

We can help you understand Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and how it could benefit your company.

User Training

Good training promotes a good user experience. We’ll help you develop training plans that support users every step of the way.

Best Practices

Our experts work with with key members of your IT staff to discuss industry best practices to avoid common design pitfalls.


If you need to merge your older systems with new technology and infrastructure, you can rely on us to guide the process.


We have 20+ years of experience, and can help you make smart strategic decisions about desktop design and more.


When you use us for desktop design services, you’ll discover these benefits:

Happy Users

Your desktop users will no longer feel frustrated and confused, because their workstations work for them, not against them.

New Efficiencies

When you have proper desktop design, your workforce is freed from nagging problems and can focus on being productive.

Virtual Desktops

If you opt for virtual desktops, you may encounter an even smoother and more productive workflow across the company.

Flexible Design

When you partner with PCR, your company takes advantage of the latest technology. Desktop design will never leave you behind.

Total Scalability

Expand into new markets. Buy out a competitor. Grow, grow, grow, and your PCR desktop design will always grow with you.


Good desktop design is the backbone of innovative companies. We can’t wait to show you how technology can support your productivity and innovation.

Desktop design services help you break boundaries.

“With over 20 years of experience, PCR Technology has designed, deployed, and maintained networks for clients of all sizes.”

-Robert Cohen, President


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