Active Directory Risk Assessment


What is an Active Directory Risk Assessment?

The days of using a single account to access all systems and objects in an Active Directory network are numbered. Be it ransomware or a targeted breach over the network, hackers are able to traverse remote networks and access all systems that a given credential has access to. PCR offers a free solution (similar to the Microsoft ESAE design) to guard against these attacks by setting a framework within your AD environment to reduce risk. We will also help you assess the overall risk rating of your domain and its members to these type of attacks.

It’s a tune-up for your entire network of users, which systematically checks for holes and vulnerabilities. It checks your configuration settings, examines policies and backup procedures, makes recommendations to minimize your risks, and identifies people who have inappropriate access. All of this happens with minimal disruption to daily business.

If you’re familiar with Microsoft Red Forest Design, this is a similar approach. However, PCR offers a free version of this service due to our commitment to serve all businesses and all budgets.


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Is your network operating at maximum health?


An active directory security health check includes:


First, your entire network must be examined for a status report. Let’s see where you stand.


We’ll identify all of the procedures and vulnerabilities that are putting your network at risk.


It’s not just about listing your weaknesses. We’ll also help you proactively plug all the gaps.


Do you know who has access and why? Are you sure? We’ll check users and permissions.


When you need help with troubleshooting an issue, we’re here for assistance.


Moving forward, PCR will help you maintain full control of your network at all times.


With a security health check for your active directory, you’ll see benefits like:


Part of our core philosophy is to help any business of any size and budget. That’s why we provide a basic active directory health check for free.

Network Security

Get a firm grip on your network’s performance, security, and directory of users. End ambiguity about who is accessing your system and why.

Instant Action

With PCR, you’ll never be caught off guard as day-to-day issues arise. Add/delete new users, change roles, manage permissions, and always react with speed and flexibility.

Proactive Resolutions

Rather than waiting until small problems become huge emergencies, you can stay a step ahead. This is accomplished through the constant auditing and control of your network.

Network Health

Feel confident that your company is operating at maximum health without productivity problems, outdated permissions, or security vulnerabilities.

World-Class Support

PCR always stays ahead of the curve on the latest technology. You get the benefit of our expertise. We’re always here to help you.

Does your network have nagging health issues?

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